Author: Ella Ananeva

Micro and Maxi Fiction


Verdant fields and threads of rivers slid far below, under her scaled belly. Finally, she became a dragon. The sky was her home, even though it was the first time she flew. She was a dragon. A dragon, not some aerophobic teenager. Someone touched her shoulder. “Fasten your seatbelt, please.”



Chronophobia (from Greek chronos – time and phobia – fear) is the fear of time. It’s characterized by an irrational yet persistent fear of time and of the passing of time. If you have chronophobia, you might not even suspect something is wrong. With other types of phobia, everything is clear: You feel uncomfortable in…
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Persuading Myself

15 Best Martin Luther King’s Quotes

I didn’t know anything about Martin Luther King before I moved to the US but his name. Now I think he’s one of the greatest thinkers ever. His mind and his soul, both were brilliant. Both shine in these 15 quotes. “Lightning makes no sound until it strikes.” “Rarely do we find men who willingly…
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My Top Insights from January/February Issue of Writer’s Digest

Keep going, and you’ll succeed. This is the motto of the January/February issue of my favorite Writer’s Digest. We all need motivation at the beginning of a new year, especially the year that follows 2020. Writer’s Digest 01/02 2021 gives you this and so much more. Read on to learn my top insights and tips…
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Is Our Quest for Happiness Doomed?

A recent study shows the level of subjective well-being is 70-80% hereditary. My life is almost perfect. I have a wonderful family, a stable financial state, and can do what I enjoy most – write – without spending my time on a job I hate. My health is decent, as well as that of my…
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Galaxy Emperor

The Election

“Are you sure voting was a good idea, your Radiance?” the Counselor asked. “It will hush the opposition for years, not threatening my rule. There’s no one else in the Galaxy they could choose.” “The election results are ready!” The AI projected the percentage on the screen. The Emperor paled.

A Fun Fact about Voting

What you might not know about the history of the suffrage in the United States



“Coraline” by Neil Gaiman crushed me. I feel devastated, hopeless. I’ll never write anything close to this outstanding work. Is there any sense in going on? The answer is yes. I’m not Neil Gaiman and never will be like him. I’m Ella Ananeva. I can’t write as cool as he, but I can write as…
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Emily’s newborns swarmed her ex-husband’s yard. The first yells made her want to both laugh and cry, but she only could scratch her front legs against each other…

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