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“Coraline” by Neil Gaiman crushed me. I feel devastated, hopeless. I’ll never write anything close to this outstanding work. Is there any sense in going on? The answer is yes. I’m not Neil Gaiman and never will be like him. I’m Ella Ananeva. I can’t write as cool as he, but I can write as…
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Larger-than-life: A Character Design Insight

People will reread your book only if your characters fascinate them. It’s not enough that your protagonist has a personality; she should be extraordinary, larger-than-life.

3 Features I’m Looking for in a Sci-fi/Fantasy Novel

The last week was a reader’s nightmare. Three books. Three books I started to read and dropped after consuming the first third of the text. If you hate dropping books as much as I do, you know this pain. Even one bookish disappointment hurts. Three, and in one week, is barely bearable. “Burning Glass” by…
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My review of “The Invisible Library”

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman My rating: 3 of 5 stars Reading time: 4 hours About The Invisible Library exists out of the time-space continuum and contains books from alternative realities. Junior Librarians obtain manuscripts all over the Universe. Irene is one of such literary hunters. Her next task seems strange from the very…
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My Review of “The Unexpected Tales Collection”

The Unexpected Tales Collection by Brad Ashmore My rating: 5 of 5 stars “Unexpected Tales” are exactly what the title promise: unexpected. The short stories in this collection are speculative fiction at its best: they show a real world that can happen in the future; that may have already happened in an alternative reality.To change…
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“The Republic” by Plato for world-builders

100500 – this is an approximate number of books, articles, and studies about “The Republic” by Plato. Now, there is 100501. Go ahead and read my thoughts about “The Republic” on medium. I’ve analyzed Plato’s greatest work from the point of view of a fantasy/sci-fi author. Which writing prompts might be derived from “The Republic”?…
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God, freedom, and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

If God didn’t exist, we would have to think Him off. I don’t know whether this is a quotation or my own words. If this is a quotation, I agree with the author. If these are my words, I claim them. I’m not much into religion myself, but I see how in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”…
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