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Micro and Maxi Fiction


Universities Get Grants to Cool the Earth

A new technology is developed to win time to cut carbon emissions

Dreams of the Future

Dreams of the Future

I wanted spaceships. Instead, I got an iPhone.

Apocalypse Today

This is what going on now, with all this Covid-19 panic. As a writer, I study the actions of governments, companies, and people with huge interest. As a person, I boil over. I have never thought about the first months of a pandemic-caused apocalypse, zombie or otherwise. But this is how it could happen. Borders…
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Ocean Colonization

Is Our Future Underwater?

I’ve finished my first article about ocean colonization. There, I compare Mars colonization against oceans colonization. Check it out on Medium!

underwater city

Underwater cities

What would it take to build an underwater city? And why would we need one? These are the questions I’m going to answer in my next article. First, You’ll find out how an underwater city can help solve the problems of overpopulation, a lack of food, and natural disasters. Then, I’ll compare ocean colonization with…
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