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Persuading Myself

My Top Insights from January/February Issue of Writer’s Digest

Keep going, and you’ll succeed. This is the motto of the January/February issue of my favorite Writer’s Digest. We all need motivation at the beginning of a new year, especially the year that follows 2020. Writer’s Digest 01/02 2021 gives you this and so much more. Read on to learn my top insights and tips…
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Mother of Monsters

The last fertile woman on Earth swept the newborn off her chest. “I won’t feed it! It’s a monster!”

Larger-than-life: A Character Design Insight

People will reread your book only if your characters fascinate them. It’s not enough that your protagonist has a personality; she should be extraordinary, larger-than-life.

3 Features I’m Looking for in a Sci-fi/Fantasy Novel

The last week was a reader’s nightmare. Three books. Three books I started to read and dropped after consuming the first third of the text. If you hate dropping books as much as I do, you know this pain. Even one bookish disappointment hurts. Three, and in one week, is barely bearable. “Burning Glass” by…
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Me and Myself

10 facts about me


The common hysteria about the virus didn’t stop me from attending FogCon. I even shook hands with one person. COVID-19 won’t forgive me. Okay, let’s get serious. Friends of Genre Convention united sci-fi/fantasy writers and readers and took place Friday-Sunday. I missed the first day completely, so for me, it started at 10:30 am on…
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Do You Need the Talent to Become a Writer?

“Steven King knows nothing! I will never follow his advice on writing!” A random person on Facebook This quote is from an Internet discussion about King’s “On Writing.” The topic-starter described his disappointment at King’s words, “I don’t believe writers can be made, either by circumstances or by self-will.” The topic-starter interprets it as, “You…
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Sw writers conference

Top-5 Insights from SF Writers Conference

12 hours of work, 3 hours of commute every day for three days in a row. I was a volunteer, so I couldn’t choose most of the sessions I attended and had to work hard. I thought I would die, a fun, busy death. I survived, and here I am, sharing the top-5 insights San…
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Writing Mom

How I wrote 87k words in 45 days

My Nanowrimo journey is over now, and I shared my final thoughts in this Medium article: “How Mom of 2-year-old Wrote 87k Words in 45 Days” A day that starts with writing can’t be bad. Ella Ananeva

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