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I See the Truth
i see the truth

“I See the Truth” is a dystopian science fiction r by Ella Ananeva.

The action takes place in the 25th century. The world has developed into a blend of “1984,” “Brave New World,” and “Feed.” All citizens are chipped in their childhood. The chip gives an opportunity for constant connection to the web that represents an overgrown Facebook. It also works as a state-issued document, bank account, social security card, etc. Without a chip, a person as though doesn’t exist.

A virus spreads through the network and damages the chips of billions of people. Most of them die; some lose their sanity; others survive. Economy collapses. Gangs flood the once utopian world. Most of the survivors struggle to make the ends meet.

Augmented humans, who used to be a fancy experiment before the Apocalypse, find themselves in the middle of the action: They are used as mercenaries, work in the most dangerous environment, and make their owners, the scientists, prosper. Not Calytrix. The only augmented part of her body is her brain; the upgrade gives her an opportunity to read people’s emotions and intentions, which is considered useless on the missions augs take. Besides, she’s glitchy: The brain upgrade makes her unpredictably lose her consciousness. She has failed all her missions.

Her owner sells her on Tournament. The woman who buys Calytrix works for the government but secretly supports the rebellious anti-tech society. The rebels think the AI helped the virus spread and killed 85% of humanity at will. Is it the truth? Calytrix will see.

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