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Micro and Maxi Fiction


Verdant fields and threads of rivers slid far below, under her scaled belly. Finally, she became a dragon. The sky was her home, even though it was the first time she flew. She was a dragon. A dragon, not some aerophobic teenager. Someone touched her shoulder. “Fasten your seatbelt, please.”

Galaxy Emperor

The Election

“Are you sure voting was a good idea, your Radiance?” the Counselor asked. “It will hush the opposition for years, not threatening my rule. There’s no one else in the Galaxy they could choose.” “The election results are ready!” The AI projected the percentage on the screen. The Emperor paled.

Mother of Monsters

The last fertile woman on Earth swept the newborn off her chest. “I won’t feed it! It’s a monster!”


The Whims of Fate

Fantasy, weird and funny

A Demon’s Debacle

A quarantine-inspired weird fantasy


Contemporary romance.

A Man in the Rain

Drama/contemporary fiction.

Platunum hair


Speculative Fiction. Dark.


Sadly, historical fiction.

Reign Shocking Short Header


Dark fantasy inspired by the coronavirus

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