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Micro and Maxi Fiction

My Top Insights from January/February Issue of Writer’s Digest

Keep going, and you’ll succeed. This is the motto of the January/February issue of my favorite Writer’s Digest. We all need motivation at the beginning of a new year, especially the year that follows 2020. Writer’s Digest 01/02 2021 gives you this and so much more. Read on to learn my top insights and tips…
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3 Features I’m Looking for in a Sci-fi/Fantasy Novel

The last week was a reader’s nightmare. Three books. Three books I started to read and dropped after consuming the first third of the text. If you hate dropping books as much as I do, you know this pain. Even one bookish disappointment hurts. Three, and in one week, is barely bearable. “Burning Glass” by…
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What Stops You From Being Creative?

3 creativity blocks and how to deal with them

87k words in 45 days

Wow. This is just…. wow. I don’t know how I did that, but the first draft of “Calytrix” is ready. I’m glad and proud of myself.Now, I’m not. But I should be. I feel as though I look at a mountain. It is my creation, it all consists of snow. It resembles a beautiful sculpture…
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Arya and Sansa

One of my earlier writing exercises Instructions Choose a book or film that you have recently enjoyed, or select a story from mythology. Identify the core desire, need, or ambition in at least TWO main characters in the book/film/myth. (Cinderella: Need to be loved for who she really is. Prince: Need to be loved for…
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Can’t stop me now… Jet lag drives me crazy. I hate this state when to sleep, or not to sleep, is not a question: you do it both at the same time. I feel like a zombie and look accordingly. My mind is everywhere, excluding my head. The only reason I survive is my stubbornness……
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